"I am delighted to report that I passed!! 170/172 which I am also very pleased with. I couldn’t have done it without your fabulous course."
Dr Mansimran Dulay

"I am extremely pleased to find out that I have passed my PACES exam today with a clear pass! The course has definitely played a very big part in this as it was very intense but brilliant practice. All the feedback and guidance I had throughout were invaluable. Attending this course is the best decision I have made!"
Dr Sean Lee

"I thankfully have passed PACES today. I know for a fact your course made that possible and the teachers at it were so knowledgeable and eager to help us learn. The fact that your course was also the only one that was running during the COVID-19 pandemic was also massively appreciated while of course prioritising patient safety as well as the safety of learners and teachers. Thank you so much for the excellent course and I would 100% recommend this to anyone who needs additional training prior to PACES."
Dr Stephen Sweeney

"Thank you so much for all your help throughout the PACES Ahead course. It was a really great course - such an excellent opportunity to practice examining patients with clinical signs that I would otherwise not have encountered, especially in these times of Covid."
Dr Rebecca Griffiths

"I am happy to report that I passed my PACES exam! I couldn't have done it without your course, the amazing number of clinical signs, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable examiners and most importantly the exceptionally understanding patients."
Dr Sam Ashcroft

"I passed! Thanks for all the help the course gave me. I was so glad when I found out it was running despite Covid and it was well worth it. I have recommended your course to a few people already. In addition to the sheer number of signs that we saw, it was also a really nice faculty, it made a difference that the effort was made to learn our names and that we worked with the same teachers over a few days."
Dr Beth Richards

"I am pleased to tell you that I have passed PACES successfully in my first attempt and I scored full marks in all stations giving me a score of 172/172. I am grateful for all the help and support that I received on your course. I think it was incredibly instrumental in my learning and really helped me achieve my best potential. Thank you so much for all your efforts and time."
Dr Sargam Vohra

"I am thankful for all the efforts of yourself and the PACES Ahead team. The course contributed significantly to my success, and helped crystalise everything I studied. It made me much more confident on exam day."
Dr Mostafa Elguindy

"I finally received my results yesterday and wanted to let you know I passed (with almost full marks too)! My colleague that attended passed as well! It was the first attempt for both of us. So so grateful to the whole team at PACES Ahead. I really don’t think I would have passed had I not attended. Definitely built stamina, saw fab signs and the station 5 practice was invaluable!"
Dr Amna Burzic

"I am pleased to say I have passed. Thank you for your help and such a well run course- it made a difference!"
Dr Sheena Bhadresha

"I am pleased to say I passed my PACES with an excellent result. I have recommended the course to my other IMT colleagues."
Dr Kishen Patel

"I passed! I want to say a huge thank you. I am extremely grateful. The course was amazing and made the actual exam so much simpler and less nerve wracking."
Dr Jennifer Elias

"I’m glad to say that I cleared PACES at my first go. Thank you very much to the whole team who helped me in my preparation. The course was definitely worth it and helpful."
Dr Shyamala Chinnabhandara

"I passed at my first attempt, and I am sure it was not possible without this course. You did a great job and played a major role in my success, thank you so much"
Dr Waseem Ijaz

"I would like to inform you that I passed PACES today. I am really thankful to your whole team as it wouldn't have been possible without the training that I received in those 4 days, tremendous amount of practice and variety of cases that I saw. Thank you to the whole team of PACES Ahead."
Dr Raisa Aslam

"I passed the PACES exam. This was only possible because of the training you gave. Everything we went through and cases we saw were repeated. I remember you mentioning how the carousels are intense, which makes it easier in the exam, you were so right. I can’t thank you enough."
Dr Syan Jasjit Singh

"I would like to share the good news that I have passed my PACES exam on my first attempt. I would like to sincerely thank you and the entire team of PACES Ahead for the fantastic teaching, range of cases covered and instilling confidence in me throughout the course. Thank you very much for helping me in achieving this goal."
Dr Trisha Upadhyaya

"Results just came out- I passed!! Thank you so much to you and the entire team at paces ahead. It was Super Super helpful. Would definitely recommend it to my colleagues!"
Dr Roshni Lalmalani

"It was a brilliant course. Really really good. You were fantastic. Very kind and patient with us! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. Thank you so much!"
Dr Faaiza Asma

"I just wanted to let you know I passed, I scored 20/20 on Neuro and scored 19/20 on Abdominal station because of your course. I truly wouldn't have stood a chance without it!"
Dr Melissa Haines

"I have successfully passed PACES from UAE. I'm thankful to you for having given me the opportunity to participate in the course and I want to specially thank all the wonderful patients and tutors for helping me achieve this!"
Dr Rashmi Kattookaren

"I passed PACES  in this attempt after attending the PACES Ahead course . Thank you so much for an excellent 4 days of intense training which was very helpful and I would definitely recommend PACES Ahead to all  MRCP PACES  candidates."
Dr Shaffa Ibrahim

"I passed my PACES exam with a mark of 149!! Thank you to all of you at PACES Ahead for giving me the pointers needed in order to pass the exam. I have recommended the course to all the Doctors i know!!"
Dr Naeem Meghjee

"I passed the exam, and got full marks in almost every station! So thank you so much for your help and guidance on the course. Would definitely recommend to others."
Dr Roshanna Rajendram

"I passed my PACES! I would certainly have not been able to pass without the PACES Ahead course therefore I am really grateful for all the teaching, guidance, and interesting cases provided on the course."
Dr Aamir Motiwala

"I passed my PACES exam and couldn’t have done it without attending your course, which was invaluable. I will definitely recommended the course to others."
Dr Sophie Roberts

"I am happy to inform you that I passed PACES on my first attempt! With so many options of courses to choose from, I am glad to have attended this course. I will definitely be recommending this course to colleagues."
Dr Zahraa Minhas

"Just wanted to tell the PACES Ahead team that I passed my PACES exam in first sitting. I owe a lot to the course. The course really tuned me for the exam."
Dr Haroon Ayub

"Your course was very helpful indeed...I would highly recommend PACES Ahead to my colleagues and friends."
Dr Jasim Khan

"Thank you and your team for a wonderful course.I am pleased to inform you that I passed my PACES.I scored 141.Thanks once again and as you can imagine I am recommending your course to colleagues preparing for the exam."
Dr Francis Okolie

"...I took your paces course in january 2014 and sat for my paces in june and managed to pass in my 1st attempt. Your course provided an excellent source of preparation and guidance. Thank you ever so much!"
Dr Mohammad Arif

"I attended the PACES Ahead course on 29th May-1st June with you. I just wanted to email you to let you know that I passed my Irish MRCPI clinical exam in June following the course. Thanks for a great course! I found it very beneficial."
Dr Ellis Dhonncha

"I came from Malaysia for the course. Thank you for such a useful course! My one station 5 came out from the course and all four of the physical examinations were covered in the course! Thanks to the wonderful teaching from this course I managed to pass my PACES exam."
Dr Deborah Chew

"Just thought I'd let you know that I took your PACES course in January 2014 and sat for my PACES in June and managed to pass in my 1st attempt. Your course provided an excellent source of preparation and guidance. Thank you ever so much!"
Dr Mohammad Ali Arif

"I am happy to inform you that I passed my exam in Glasgow. That was my 1st and only attempt for the exam. Many many thanks to all of you for the nice course."
Dr Rania Khalil

"I passed the exam after your course which I thought was fantastic. Thanks for your help!"
Dr Johnny Boylan

"Thank you for running the excellent January/February course, I found it invaluable preparation for my exam and am pleased to say I passed! The course made all the difference and I even had the TB ethics case in my exam. Thank you again and I have recommended your course to others, as it was recommended to me."
Dr Roger Smith

"I did the MRCPI clinical exam in Dublin 2 weeks ago and I've passed thankfully. Thanks for all your help. I'll be sure to recommend PACES ahead to my colleagues. Thanks."
Dr Martin Higgins

"I am very pleased to say I passed with a cracking score of 161! I will certainly be recommending the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you."
Dr Paul Hine

"I am writing to say thank you. You will be happy to know that I have passed PACES with good score!"
Dr Kazi Alam

"I'm pleased to inform you of my Success in the PACES exam. A short note to appreciate PACES ahead for the intense tutoring given to us during the last course held between 29 January - 2nd Feb 2014. During the course I was able to step up in my performance and went on to perform brilliantly in the exam."
Dr Olajide Ogunjimi

"Many thanks for your guidance and blessing. I did pass the PACES in Aberdeen, many thanks to your wonderful team! The station 5 practices were fantastic and did help me prepare well for the actual exam."
Dr Jonathan Lee

"I just wanted to say how much I benefitted from the course at Georges, and to let you know that I passed the exam. The course was well run with superb tutors and an excellently organised schedule and opportunity to practice both examination and presentation."
Dr Gemunu Cooray

"I just wanted to inform you that I passed my paces exam on my first attempt with an almost perfect score. Thank you Dr Kaushal and your team for a great experience."
Dr Chad Bisambar

"I am very happy to let you know that I passed my PACES exam and actually with a good mark. I really want to thank you for the very helpful course."
Dr Stamatios

"I found the PACES Ahead course extremely valuable. Along with my colleague, we appreciate the guidance and direction your tutors offered. We picked up techniques and many helpful tips during the four days. Please pass on my thanks to the other tutors as I know they put in a great commitment over the four days."
Dr Spence

"Just to thank you and the course... All the hard work paid off! I just found out I passed PACES and managed to get full marks in neurology, history taking, communication skills and both station 5s!"
Dr Fung

"I finally had PACES at the beginning of April and I was thrilled to pass first time! Your course was amazing and I'm sure did a great deal to get me through the exam"
Dr Brazel

"Many thanks again for everyones help on the PACES course - I managed to pass which in no small part was down to this help"
Dr Jessica

"...I have passed my exam. the course was excellent! It was my first attempt. All was worth it! Thank you!!"
Dr Vera